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We offer a full line of emotional development and support services and business strategy services. We've had the pleasure of working with some incredible people. Here is what they are saying!

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Personal Mentoring and Empowerment

“I would like to give a heart felt shout-out of gratitude to Anita Myers of Innerscope365, LLC!

I recently experienced a painful loss in the form of a long term relationship ending. After breaking the news to my immediate family and circle of friends, I instinctively knew that my next call had to be to Anita. We had been only casual friends so this was a risk for me. But her coaching and ability to ground me into my own self worth has been immensely powerful. Through discussions and assigned exercises, Anita has been able to mirror the relationship back to me and provide clarity on the past and a Rock Star vision of my future.

Anita truly is Wonder Woman but it is her heart not her belt that is truly made of gold.”

Michele Swiderski

“I just wanted to say Thank You so much to Anita.

If it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have gotten through my divorce without completely loosing myself. Anita has proven to be a true friend and a wonderful, knowledgeable counselor. Not only has her guidance helped me get through one of the toughest situations in my life but as a person I’ve grown so much and my work life has improved, my relationships with other people have improved, overall I feel I got back the person I used to be and so much more.

She truly helped me become a warrior and yet still kind and loving. I feel so empowered and able to take on the world and new challenges that might arise in my life.

I truly couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Anita! ❤️”

Amanda Welch

“When I first started working with Anita I was in the midst of a very bad breakup and I felt like I needed direction in that part of my life. Having Anita there in my time of need is what I needed the most…. Hope. Working together to figure out “what went wrong?” It seemed that my mindset was approaching relationships the same as I ever had. Through structured missions and discussions emphasizing the true value of my own self worth, I feel that I am in a place to love again, with a renewed vigor and focus. Anita’s value is the connection she has made with me that has allowed for such a transformation that transcends what I thought was impossible. In her words and our beliefs, I am an extraordinary man! I can't wait for what the future holds!!!”

Rob Maldonado

“Coaching sessions with Innerscope365 helped me closely examine the heart of the issues in my personal life, sort them out, and learn how to deal with them properly–when before I was just feeling overwhelmed. Consulting with Anita gave me the tools I needed to look inward to start reaching my personal goals, through the assessment exercises, which are tailored perfectly to the specific coaching services sought, and with the in-depth evaluations afterward. Anita is a great coach, and this is her true calling. I would recommend Innerscope[365] to my friends.”

A.K., Skokie, IL

“Anita Myers of Innerscope365 is a shining light in the world of life and relationship coaching. She provides questions and feedback to guide and mentor her clients toward making life-changing decisions and taking the necessary actions to evolve and revolutionize their lives. I personally have felt this change in my life. If it weren’t for Anita I would continue to be a victim of my circumstances. Because of Anita, I am growing stronger every day and finding new ways to build healthy, meaningful habits and relationships in my life. Most importantly she has helped me to create healthy boundaries which allow me to be my authentic self, true to my soul, and maintaining my self-worth. She will change your life for the better and make you stronger.”

D.L., Los Angeles, CA

“In a time of confusion and doubt, Anita (Innerscope365) elevated my awareness to the answer I was blind to. I’m able to finally move on with a clearer mind. Always thankful for her attitude and patience.”

J.E., Chicago, IL

“During a very trying time for me, Anita (Innerscope365) gave me a new tool set to conquer my challenges. With her insight, the challenges were a lot easier to handle. Also with the new perspective she provided, I was able to accomplish what I wanted and needed without the additional stress!”

K.D., Chicago, IL

“I was on the fence for a very long time when Anita had first introduced me to Innerscope365. I did not know if the consulting would help me or if it would make it worse. I started working with Anita just as I ended a painful situation in my life. I felt like everything just ended and wasn’t sure if I was able to make it through that situation. I then reached out to Anita for consultation services and through her coaching, I was able to see things positively again and it helped me to have support and someone who would be strict with me by giving me logic but also very sympathetic to the situation I was going through. I really liked the step-by-step guidelines in how to handle conflicts, how to communicate … and being able to be confident with my decisions. I am really glad that I was able to work with Anita. She was able to pull out the strengths and give me tools to help me get through difficult times.”

S.K., Morton Grove, IL

“Anita is extremely intelligent, educated and most importantly kind and compassionate. She genuinely cares about people! She listens closely to all that is said. She gives excellent advice when asked and literally walks you through your problems, one step at a time. She is patient and easy to understand. And every time you finish a session with Anita, you feel great! And life just becomes easier and easier. I highly recommend InnerScope365!”

V.K., Mount Prospect, IL

Business Blocks and Strategy

“Anita’s welcoming Spirit and her superb strategic approach (through Innerscope365) will help you gain real traction for your business. Thanks so much!"

Charmin Edwards
Owner, Rocyalox
Chicago, IL

“If you ever have the chance to partner with Anita (Innerscope365) I strongly recommend taking that opportunity. Anita has the ability to connect with anyone, truly listens to you and hears the message behind your words. Anita's way of meeting each person where they are and supporting them completely mirrored our non profit's philosophy. We hired Anita to facilitate a workshop on self care for mothers who were struggling financially and personally. However, Anita can help you with your relationships, your business and *your life*. In all of her work it is very clear that Anita truly cares."

Vanessa Quinn
Associate Director, Barrington Children’s Charities
Barrington, IL

“When I was introduced to Anita and Innerscope365, I was struggling in my business which was affecting my personal life. After our first conversation, she made me realize that I needed to be out there helping people, but I was not sure that I had a superhero in me. I think it was probably after our third or fourth conversation that I started to believe that there may be a superhero within me, but I wasn't sure where he was. I can remember exactly when Anita made me realize that I needed to be a superhero for people who were struggling financially and stressed out about their finances. I was listening to her address a group of entrepreneurs and I don't remember her exact words, but I remember the feeling that came over me and my superhero emerged!! When I spoke next, I knew my mission was to help people destroy their debt and own their financial freedom! Anita's superpower is her ability to connect with people and her caring spirit. If you are like me and prefer to listen in the background, Anita has an amazing way of connecting with you and helping you move towards action. Speaking with her will awaken the leader in you that you didn't know was there. Talk to Anita once, and you will know that she truly cares about you and your success."

Joe Marte
Marte Insurance Agency, Las Vegas, NV

“I have had the unique pleasure of working with Ms. Anita Myers of Innerscope365 over a period of several months to help improve the communication skills and salesmanship of my employees. Ms. Myers not only increased the productivity of my employees, but she also offered some extremely valuable insight into our general operations. From the moment I met Ms. Myers it was obvious that she was passionate about her job and would stop at nothing to obtain results for me and my business. Her optimistic attitude and friendly demeanor make it easy for her to command the attention of her audience. This proved extremely helpful in trying to get employees to change certain behaviors in order to be more effective at personal communication and sales. She was able to give confidence to my employees and increase their productivity level. She also took initiative to offer some helpful presentation ideas and other suggestions that I implemented to improve the functioning and efficiency of my business. Ms. Myers is a premier consultant, and her experience, expertise, and attitude, make her an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur or business. I hold Ms. Myers’s professionalism in the highest regard and would strongly recommend her to any person or business looking to increase productivity and/or interpersonal and general communication skills.”

G. Steciuk
GCS Financial, Buffalo Grove, IL

“Anita (Innerscope365) was quickly able to assess my business needs. She offered constructive criticism and several suggestions on how to implement the new ideas. She brings warmth, empathy and professionalism to every meeting. Anita’s caring and non judgmental nature make it so easy to open up to her.”

S. Aristodemo , D.D.S. Aristo Dental
Holistic Health Coach, BBreathtaking.com
Wheeling, IL

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