Hearts do Matter

"Hearts do Matter"

A new release, "Hearts do Matter," by Anita Myers, is a beautiful picture book about a little girl who has a very special relationship with her mother. Her mother promised she would always be with her, and she shows in the book that she kept her promise in the most loving way. Finding hearts through her daily life built an inspiration that touched not only her heart but the hearts of her family as she got married and had her own daughter. The author's message is intended to help readers who suffer loss to find gratitude within the grief and illuminate inspiration that love after life exists.

Anita Myers was inspired to write this book because, "This pandemic has been difficult on all of us, especially children. Having to deal with the loss of a loved one from Covid 19, or other means, is difficult. "Hearts do Matter" is a heartwarming picture book designed to bring the focus from grieving to gratitude, providing reassurance that the reader is loved, now and forever. This book will show readers of every age that when we use our love lens, signs of love do exist all around them."

What the world needs now in these times is love. "Hearts do Matter" supports children and adults through the losses in their life. It teaches us that even when loved ones cannot be with us, we can still feel their presence in our hearts.

"Hearts do Matter" paperback and hardcover editions are available now on Amazon. In addition, Anita provides a companion guide called "Grateful Celebrations, A Gratitude Journal" that helps readers revisit wonderful moments and memories to help them celebrate someone they love while holding gratitude in the moments that they cherish.

"Grateful Celebrations"

"Grateful Celebrations" is an interactive gratitude journal created to accompany the book "Hearts do Matter." Take time to revisit and pay tribute to wonderful moments and memories that celebrate someone you love.


Hearts do Matter - A1

Hearts do Matter - A1

Hearts do Matter - A1

Hearts do Matter - A1

Hearts do Matter - A1

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