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Take The Deep Dive

Create the Results You Want with Emotional Awareness.

Life is all about emotions.

How you feel determines what you do. What you do determines your results or lack of results. Here's the problem…

We're not taught to welcome and feel emotions.

Socialization teaches how to escape emotions, especially uncomfortable ones.

Emotions are valuable INFORMATION.

People treat most emotions like kryptonite. Which results in never using emotions as the SUPERPOWERS they are. Creating the results you want begins with emotional awareness. Unfortunately, we aren't given a practical, effective emotional education in our modern world. This is why most are not living a life of fulfillment with the experiences, growth, and contribution they want.

The problem is that you're taught to resist, react, avoid, and pretend when it comes to negative emotions. Therefore, negative emotions are programmed to tell you that something either has gone terribly wrong or there's something wrong with you.

Three scenarios:

  1. You hide your emotions behind pretty masks that say, "I'm fine" in order to fit in.
  2. You pretend you're "normal" when you don't feel like your best self.
  3. Often you sacrifice your comfort to make others comfortable.

Sound familiar to you? If so, you're emotionally mismanaging your experiences.
But here's the truth:
Emotional mismanagement KILLS:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Self-esteem
  • Career / business
  • Dreams / purpose
  • Creativity
  • EVERYTHING you ever want

Now here's the really good news:
Emotional Awareness is a SKILL you can learn that will help you to create the life you want. Emotional awareness, strength, perception, and strategy are what I train and teach. My strategies redirect the old behaviors that use emotional tools incorrectly. The missions I provide teach you perception and translation abilities help to reprogram your emotional intelligence. The work builds and enhances your communication skills, action plans and so much more.

Take The Deep Dive with me where we’ll explore the depth of emotional traits and learn how you can leverage them in order to grow as a person.
It's time to discover what your emotions are trying to say.
You will get 90-Minutes with me. My Deep Dive Session is $75. Schedule here, and I'll see you soon!

My Books

"Hearts do Matter"

A new release, "Hearts do Matter," by Anita Myers, is a beautiful picture book about a little girl whose mother promised she would always be with her. She keeps her promise in the most loving way, by leaving hearts for her daughter to find.

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"Grateful Celebrations"

"Grateful Celebrations" is an interactive gratitude journal created to accompany the book "Hearts do Matter." Take time to revisit and pay tribute to wonderful moments and memories that celebrate someone you love.

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"The Undercover Superhero: Mission Possible is an Inside Job"

The Undercover Superhero is a life manual sharing what it’s like living with emotional abusers and what it takes to step away from those experiences and into our own powerful, beautiful light.

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