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Anita Myers is an author, thought leader and sought-after speaker who teaches people how to harness their mind power and master their universe. 

As an Agent of Emotional Intelligence, Anita Myers is a life coach and the founder of InnerScope Consulting.  In her work, she reveals how to unleash the superpowers that reside within us to achieve your potential. Her newest book, “The Undercover Superhero” is inspiring the hearts of men and women everywhere by revealing how to “harness your mind power, so you can master your Universe.” Anita provides speaking, group seminars and one-on-one experiences for anyone ready to build the better path to powerful living. 

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AVAILABILITY: Located in Illinois also available nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.


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Here are some sample questions:

  • You have said that every experience is either a lesson or a blessing. could you explain what that means?
  • In your book you explain that you can choose logic or emotion in a negative situation. Can you tell us how that works?
  • A lot of people go through life thinking that they can control what happens to them. Then when bad things happen it’s hard to cope. Share how keeping a positive attitude can help you get through.
  • One of the things you share is bad coping mechanisms people have in dealing with pain. What are there mistakes that we should avoid?
  • You have been a victim of bullying, discrimination, and abusive relationshios. What have you learned that’s helped you fully explore and enjoy your life journey?


Anita Myers She is the President and owner of InnerScope Consulting, providing personal coaching programs and services for clients nationwide. She is the author of two books, including her latest,  The Undercover Superhero: Mission Possible is an Inside Job.

She’s also the co-host and creator of her own podcast, the Power Hour with Anita Myers and Dolly Cortes. Anita is a certified and licensed Life and Relationship Coach through The Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI).