Anita Myers


“It’s about survival skills in the non-physical world.
It’s also about recognizing the covert operations we were engaged in – the powers we’ve always had within ourselves that actually have the potential to reveal that we are Undercover Superheroes.”


Jason Sisneros, The Bald Avenger

Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Author of Destiny’s Doorstep


Acc0lades For “The Undercover Superhero”

If you had to choose the playlist of music that best defined your life from childhood to now, what songs would you choose? What my dear friend Anita Myers has done is chosen hers. What she has done for you and I is to write the best book I’ve read on how one woman’s experience can mirror our own. Maybe not the exact path, but certainly you will see your journey in hers. The value for us is that unlike any other author I’ve read before, she not only demonstrates the global challenge, but specifically and step by step teaches what to do about it. In a world of vapid self interest, Anita went through the painstaking and rare process of self discovery, not for herself, but for the rest of us to benefit in our own journey.

“Anita Myers has done a brilliant job of describing her life experiences and putting them in perspective in a way that is easy to understand and relate to. Her application of life experience to the area of relationships is hugely of value for anyone that reads this book and begins to apply the concepts in their own life. Fantastic read. Thank you for this amazing piece of work!”

Sallie Keys

“Anita Myers takes her readers on an emotional journey through her autobiographical tales of growing up between divided worlds. It is a fabulously written story of abuse, forgiveness and redemption that will move your heart and inspire you to lead your own life with greatness.”

Christine Hohlbaum

Author, THE POWER OF SLOW: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World

“Anita Myers’ new book,  The Undercover Superhero, is part memoir, part confessional and part self-help. Anita tells the story of her life with a determination to find the blessings under the burdens and the promise under the pain. Without offering  easy answers or pat solutions. Anita shows the way to “harnessing your mind power so you can master your Universe.”

After reading this book, you will have a clear roadmap to finding and unleashing your own Undercover Superhero…what a wonderful gift!”

Gail Dixon

Founder and President, Masterful Messaging

“Anita Myer’s The Undercover Superhero  shows that finding strength, peace, and power after trauma is possible. Through storytelling and lessons learned, her book guides readers get their power back and lead a fulfilling, joyful life. A real page turner!”

Kristie Purner

Entrepreneurial Activist and Best-selling Author

The Undercover Superhero is Here!


Anita Myers, (a.k.a. Special Agent Powers) is owner of InnerScope Consulting, and facilitator of InnerScope365: the Undercover Superhero’s mind power training center providing personal development and mental muscle training through the strategies found in L.E.A.P. (Life Enrichment and Application Programs.) She’s a certified and licensed Life and Relationship Coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute, a graduate of Roosevelt University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Psychology. 

Success is an inside job, and Anita’s investment is dedicated to providing the type of power, guidance and support in optimizing mental and emotional wellness, resulting in living a more powerful, higher quality life. 

Anita shares the journey it takes to climb out from the shadowed trenches created by the ones who mattered, who influenced, who manipulated and controlled and who almost won her over.

Bringing you a collection of true stories from the perspectives of four females: a child, a teen, a young woman, and the woman she is today, sharing what it took to win the war on emotional and physical abuse.

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