Anita Myers

“It’s about survival skills in the non-physical world. It’s also about recognizing the covert operations we were engaged in – the powers we’ve always had within ourselves that actually have the potential to reveal that we are Undercover Superheroes.”

Undercover Superhero

Anita Myers, CPC, CRCS shares the journey it takes to climb out from the shadowed trenches created by the ones who mattered, who influenced, who manipulated and controlled and who almost won her over.

Anita brings you a collection of true stories from the perspectives of four females: a child, a teen, a young woman, and the woman she is today, sharing what it took to win the war on emotional and physical abuse.

Work With Anita


Once you complete the Innerscope365 experience you unlock the gates to exciting opportunities.  You unleash desires you never thought you could have.  You feel stronger and discover the power to reach higher ground.  It’s quite superhero-esque, but then aren’t we?

The ISC mission is to help people out of the darkness of confusion, frustration, overwhelm, chaos and emotional pain to their own inner light where, joy, confidence, relationship fulfillment and success coexist.

We help you elevate yourself to live a higher quality and powerful life where you can seize your days, instead of having your days seized from you.

InnerScope365 Helps You Power Up in the Following Ways:  

Teaching: Having Anita who is an electric alliance to many businesses and resources for success gives you the greatest networking library to gain the information you need. With three professional services in one (teaching, training, coaching) your time will be spent wisely and worth more than your investment into powerful living.

Training: This is Anita’s passion. The arena that most give up when the going feels tough or annoying. When distractions and bad habits come in to win over the mental battles in living with quality and power. It’s one thing to receive proper questions in coaching, and another thing to gain resources and advice through consulting – but it’s the fire and consistency in training that make missions accomplished. This is the arena she will train you in, to win.

Coaching: As a certified and licensed Life coach and Relationship coach, you’ll receive the proper, professional support, honest assessments, powerful strategies and methods to inherit and motivating encouragement that will help untangle the emotional knots Life tends to give us every now and again.

Personal Power

Your life is your *real* enterprise, and you own it. You’re the CEO, baby! In order for your enterprise to run smoothly, you’ll need to gain a sense of awareness and control. What are you investing in? What are you receiving? Learn the strategies needed to bring quality and power into your life.

Relationship Power

One of the biggest purposes in life is building healthy and strong relationships, not just with others, but with yourself. Gain the blueprints of what it takes to create a productive and meaningful relationship with yourself, and extraordinary relationships across the spectrum of people you meet in life.

Parenting Power

Build parenting power through what you say, how you respond, what’s worth holding on to and knowing when it’s time to let go. Learn the key factors in building and maintaining proper values in your parenting world, and turn your experience into the most loved time of your life.